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Exhibitors of the German Fetish Fair 2018


Floorplan as by February, 20th 2018

AMF Korsets

The Creations of AMF can be seen as tools of transformation. We strongly believe in self-expression and individuality and for this reason AMF is specialized in custom pieces and one of a kind creations.

Everything is made in House for AMF Korsets does not believe in mass production.

We only use selected European leathers (mostly from southern germany). All our creations are made from chrome free, natural tanned leather.

All Designs and creative works, such as sculpting, hand painting, wounding and stitching are by done Louis Fleischauer.


beGLOSS – The CLEAN & CARE Experts for Latex, Vinyl, Wetlook-, Artificial Leather- & Genuine Leather fetish wear.

beGLOSS is the all in one clean and care range. The experts agree, this range of products will quickly deep clean your garments, bring out the shine and prepare them for storage. beGLOSS is always researching the characteristics of cleaning and care to provide the world with the perfect cleaning product.

Products for Latex

EASY GLIDE is the classic, dermatologist tested latex dressing aid. PERFECT SHINE is preservative free for the perfect shine. It cleans and seals the material with a shine that is neither greasy nor sticky but rather dry to the touch, especially when you polish with the beGLOSS Wipe special polishing cloth.

SPECIAL WASH LATEX is an odourless cleaner which gives your latex an intensive deep cleaning and leaves your clothing residue free. If you’re not a fan of using a silicone dressing aid, try using beGLOSS pharmaceutical grade talcum powder instead.

beGLOSS for Vinyl, Wetlook and Artificial Leather

beGLOSS SPECIAL WASH ULTRA CLEAN is for vinyl, wetlook or faux leather. It hygienically cleans the material and helps protect your clothing against premature wear. CLEAN & CARE Leather is the perfect leather cleaner which leaves leather with a high gloss shine.. &

Try beGLOSS at your GERMAN FETISH BALL & FAIR with a polish station – our team brings you the high gloss shine

beGLOSS – The CLEAN & CARE Experts

benno von stein

Du bist, was du denkst, was du denkst, strahlst du aus, was du ausstrahlst ziehst du an, und was du anziehst, bestimmt dein Leben (von einem unbekannten Verfasser)

benno von stein ist ein Lebensgefühl zum hineinschlüpfen.....

Jedes Benno von stein Outfit kreiert besondere Momente – sei es ein ganz privater Abend –ein rauschendes Fest oder das Knistern im Alltag....

Im schönen Wahlwies am Bodensee ist das Headquarter des schon seit knapp 15 Jahren bestehenden Labels. Die Marke benno von stein steht von Beginn an für besonderes Design in Premiumqualität.
Die Produktpalette umfasst neben exzellenten VEGANEN „Ledern“ auch couturige Stoffe!

Der kreative Kopf der Marke benno von stein ist Chef Designer und Gründer, Christoph Pohl. Die Liebe zu hochwertigen Qualitäten hat ihn schon früh zu ersten Kreationen gebracht – heute ist es „veganes Leder“, das sich unter seinen Händen zu „in Form gegossenen Gefühlen“ verwandelt....
Eine Huldigung der Schönheit, der Sinnlichkeit und dem Eros.
Der Anspruch an hohe Qualität in Kombination mit ausgefeilten Passformen lassen großartige Kreationen entstehen, die er als Geschenk an die Eigen-erotik versteht. Christoph Pohl ist von der Verwandlungsmöglichkeit von Menschen und ihren „schmückenden Hüllen“ begeistert und immer wieder aufs Neue inspiriert.

benno von stein KG
Friedhofstraße 11
78333 Stockach-Wahlwies
07771 -648 99 33

Inner Sanctum

Inner Sanctum is a different kind of lingerie and sensual clothing website. Our products are carefully selected for originality and hi quality. Our underwear is bold and sensual yet never vulgar, encapsulating glamour and sophistication with lashes of playfulness.

We also design the worlds finest latex designer fashion. We have supplied latex clothing to some of the worlds most famous celebrities and has been published in leading fashion magazines such as: Italian Vogue, alongside Dior in the cutting-edge Pop and the ultimate design concept magazine: Wallpaper. Our designs have also been featured in Hollywood blockbusters such as: Bedazzled, and have appeared in high production music videos by Eminem to name but a few.

Our established family run business has an uncompromising focus on quality and service in all areas. We have been trading internationally since 1994 and we continue to grow, sourcing new products, developing our website and servicing our substantial international client base.

Inner Sanctum
Hein-Hoyer Straße 17
20359 Hamburg
Mo-Sa: 14:00 - 20:00 Uhr
Phone: 0049 (0) 40 386 79744

Jaded Jewall

Petplay, Heavy Rubber, leather fetish, endzeit lovers or simply just crazy for kawaii We offer
Masks, chokers, tops, harness, suspender belts and jackets.

All products are handmade in Hamburg and just for limited number.

Custom orders are welcome so stop by and say hi 😀

Mask & Co

Mask & Co. are the manufacturers of the most stunning, fun and provocative masks in the market. Created by „M“, their masks combine the outlandish, the feminine and the playful in a way that allows the wearer to really live his or her fantasy.

Crazy latex masks and incredible female masks that promise a perfect fit and easy of wear every time, hour after hour.

Every creation is made by hand, with an attention to detail rarely seen in masks.

These masks are worn by fetishists, dominas and people seeking to explore a world of fun and hidden passion.

Welcome to our world!

Peter Domenie

For Peter Domenie, 2015 means branching out into new territory, experimenting with innovative production techniques and making a mark in the fetish scene. At the German Fetish Fair, we will be presenting new designs and cuts for our Latex, PVC, Leather-Look, and Daywear Collections for Men and Women, including exciting one-of-a-kind Print and Fabric developments.

All Peter Domenie clothing is produced in the Netherlands and in Great Britain, ensuring a quality and attention to detail that can only be achieved through small-scale productions. Are you ready to make your mark in 2015 with us?

Tatjana Warnecke

Based in Berlin, the eponymous fashion label by TATJANA WARNECKE has brought something unique to the fetish fashion scene since it began in 2000. This collection is immediately recognizable by the strategic use of a three dimensional black, shiny ribbed material and a look that is luxury and kink with a hint of the extraterrestrial.

The collection uses different high quality basic materials, such as matte and glossy black, with artificial fur, soft shell and rhinestones for accent.

The COSMIC COUTURE COLLECTION is made for all genders, for day or night, on stage or in private. Available through authorized boutiques in different countries.

Find it at: